Serenje Orphans Childrens Home
                                     ( SOCH )

Serenje Orphans Appeal

    Our care for the orphans continues even when they                 leave our full-time care

Staff at the  SOCH orphanage care for 24 Primary School children who live on the site during the school term. During holidays, these children return to their legal guardians. Another 15 or so older orphans who have left the orphanage continue to be supported in their secondary education at boarding schools and local high schools through our provision of their fees and school uniforms. Other older orphans who have dropped out of schooling are now being trained in carpentry skills. Some orphans have completed their final school year successfully and we are trying to help place them in universities and colleges. Here below are a few examples of how SOCH is helping kids:

The shy little girl (B) in red, at the centre of a photo taken at SOCH about 12 years ago, has now become the accomplished young woman on the right. (B) has completed Grade 12 and is now looking towards a career in 2019 in Nursing.

This poor little fellow (I) in rags was discovers on the streets some 8 years ago. Here, on the right, is a recent photo of (I). He is doing well at school and hopes eventually to gain entrance to a High School or Boarding School.

On the left is (L), about 6 years ago when she was at SOCH as a young child - happily displaying her dinner! 

Here is (L) now, dressed in her school tracksuit. She is hoping soon to gain entry to a Zambian boarding school if her exam results are good enough.

The young boy (C) on the left, photographed about 8 years ago, is excelling at Boarding School & as he now nears completion of Grade 12, he is hoping to study to be a doctor.

This young man (I) has just returned to Serenje after spending a year in Australia where the Children First Foundation enabled him to have a life-changing medical operation for his leg, injured severely in an accident with fire when he was a child. (I) has recently achieved the highest examination grade in the local Serenje District, and is now awaiting acceptance to a Zambian boarding school.